Bill Gates Backed Ballmer’s Decision to Appoint New Windows Boss

It appears that Gates actually knew about the leadership changes at Microsoft’s helm

Steven Sinofsky’s departure was clearly a shock for the entire technology industry, as the former Windows boss was believed to be one of the possible replacements for Steve Ballmer at the helm of Microsoft.

While the official reasons provided by Ballmer and other Microsoft executives on Sinofsky’s decision to resign from his position are pretty vague, more information is slowly emerging on this matter.

It turns out that Bill Gates, currently holding the role of Microsoft chairman, actually knew about all these problems within the Windows division, so he’s the one that backed Ballmer’s decision to replace Sinofsky.

As far as the available information goes, the tension between Sinofsky and the other Microsoft executives has grown a lot in the last few years. Some other important Microsoft employees chose to leave, mostly because “it was Steve’s way or no other way,” as an insider told

“He had no factions, except those who worked for him. He picked a lot of fights.”

Steve Ballmer has always been aware of Sinofsky’s way of doing business, but the CEO actually backed the former Windows guru several times. In the end, he refused to do the same thing once again and talked to Bill Gates about a potential departure of the man who’s actually responsible for getting Microsoft back on its feet after the Vista disaster.

Gates agreed and Sinofsky was replaced by two women, Julie Larson-Green and Tami Reller. It all happened “mutually,” as Microsoft said in a press statement, but we’re pretty sure that there’s more to come on this subject in the next few days.

Sinofsky is currently “seeking new opportunities,” while Steve Ballmer continues to praise Windows 8 all over the world.

In the end, it all comes down to two different women who’re now in charge of a division that brings the world the most popular operating system ever.

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