Bikes-for-Guns Exchange Program Launched in Uruguay

The country's government promises a new bike to whomever hands in an unregistered gun

Gun control is nothing if not a serious problem nowadays, which is why it need not come as a surprise that efforts are being made to convince people to turn in whatever unregistered weapons they might possess.

While some countries use money as an incentive, Uruguay's government decided that a so-called bikes-for-guns exchange program would be a far better solution.

This initiative was launched earlier this week, and the people in Uruguay refer to it as the “Weapons for Life” project, Tree Hugger reports.

The working principles behind this innovative gun control campaign are fairly simple and, by the looks of it, quite efficient: whomever hands in an unregistered gun gets a shiny new bike in return.

Granted, the country's government is ready and willing to replace said bike with a low-end computer, but here's hoping that most people will opt for the bicycle.

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