Biker Gang Teams Up to Protect Children Against Abuse

The group volunteers towards empowering children in need by acting as their guardians

Bikers have always been perceived as tough, not-to-mess-with individuals that hang around in gangs and live their lives dangerously, but there is more to them than that. Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is an association that works towards protecting children, offering support and intimidating the ones hurting the young.

Motorcyclists from across the world support the organization in their goal to create a safer environment for children. This is the only non-profit organization that helps youngsters who have been victims of abuse, physical or mental, face their nightmares by standing by their side and intimidating their aggressors.

They act all over the United States helping kids remove their fears; the members are fully grown men and women that look as intimidating as it gets. Once they have a case to handle, they follow it until they are sure that the child is confident and not afraid of the world anymore.

Even if they were founded in 1995, after a few world-known cases, they have just recently become viral on social media sites. Their Facebook page gathered around 30,000 likes in the last few months and people have been telling stories of the impact the bikers had on children's lives all over Reddit and YouTube.

One Reddit user told her step daughter's story and the association's part into making her child feel safe, “they went to every single hearing, they literally formed a wall in front of us while walking or sitting during the hearings so we wouldn't have to look at the abuser. To hear them thunder down the road to show support for your little one made the difference for us. The smile on her face while they pulled into the driveway, and the love these big bad men and women show, can't be put into words.”

BACA works in conjunction with local and state officials who are already working to protect children, and each member is carefully selected and trained for the job, according to Bikers Against Child Abuse Association's Facebook page. They don't take payment, they don't even ask for gas money, they just volunteer and until now they've changed the lives of numerous boys and girls along the way, while using their menacing image for the greater good.

They handle their cases in groups as big as 25 – 30 members, they council the children, stand with them through trials and meetings, they guard their houses and call each other brothers and sisters. Even when the case is over, the organization appoints one or two motorcyclists that constantly follow up on the child and offer their support and friendship.

One of the cases that BACA managed involved a small that girl that had been molested and was facing its aggressor in court. The kind-hearted men and women from BACA stood with her during trial filling the court room with frightening motorcyclists, making the girl feel safe. When the judge asked the small girl if she was afraid, the girls said “No! Because my friends are scarier than he is.”

Many of the members involved in the organization relate to the kids they are helping and give their best to ensure the kids’safety and well-being. Their main field of action is Arizona, a place where child abuse cases have grown 20 per cent more in the last years, determining the gang to fight together with the system in creating a healthy environment for children.

“No one is going to hurt [kids] anymore, [they] are going to stand up and be proud of who [they] are because it is not [their]fault,” Nytro, one of BACA's members says in the organization's presentation video. The bikers warn child abusers that whoever will not take them serious will be doing a big mistake, because they will always be there to protect the innocent ones.

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