Biggest Loser Finale 2013: Danni Allen Is Crowned Winner

Advertising account coordinator wins by 1 pound (0.45kg)

The 14th season of The Biggest Loser has wrapped and, for the fifth time ever, a woman won the title and the cash prize: 26-year-old Danni Allen lost 46.9% of her body weight and beat the runner-up by just 1 pound (0.45kg).

When she came on the show, Danni weighed 258 pounds (117kg). She finished at 137 pounds (62.1kg), meaning she managed to lose 121 pounds (54.8kg) by eating healthy and plenty of exercise.

“I didn't know that my dreams were possible, and I finally feel like my dreams come true,” she said on the finale, before the last weigh-in, which was also the one that established her as the winner.

“I feel whole again and it just took clearing out all that mental stuff that I had going on to get to this place,” she added.

Besides the Biggest Loser crown, Danni also takes home the $250,000 (€193,289) cash prize.

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