Big Kickstarter Hit, Ubiquitous Computer, Now Up for Pre-Order – Video

This is one of those little critters that plug straight into power sockets

Back in August, the Ubiquitous Computer, Ubi for short, emerged as a project on Kickstarter, seeing $36,000 in funding (€28,000).

Three months and $229,594 later (€179,510), the small device is almost ready to ship. In fact, pre-orders can be placed here. The price of each unit is $219.00, or €171-219.

Ubi is an always-on PC that runs Android and lets owners perform various operations, like searching the Internet through voice commands.

Lights on the side of the device or electronic speech are used to convey whether or not the command was followed successfully.

Go here to see what other roles the Wi-Fi-connected device can perform, or to place an order. Speakerphone, baby monitor, noise pollution monitor and home speaker system with sound piping are just a few.

Decide fast if you're going to pre-order the item. Once shipments begin, the tag will rise to $269 / €210-269.

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