Big Bloomers Makes XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Knickers for Extra-Large Women

A new record has been set in terms of women’s lingerie: a company called Big Bloomers, catering for overweight and obese women, has come out with the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL knickers – and they’re selling like hot cakes.

Founded by a retired insurance broker and her daughter, Dianne and Laura Mannering, Big Bloomers Company also retails other items, like nightgowns – which can take up to 6 meters of fabric to make – and other lingerie pieces.

The Sun reports that Big Bloomers initially made and started selling knickers in the XXXXXXXXL, which fit women of about 220 kilograms. Not only did they sell very well, but women actually demanded that they made the panties bigger.

Thus, the world’s biggest underpants were born: they’re an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL size for women of 285 kilograms. Approximately, that would make them a size 74, with a 267 cm (105 inch) waistline.

If that sounds like a gross exaggeration, it is not. Moreover, the knickers are in very high demand, prompting the Mannerings to think about expanding their business.

Dianne, the 68-year-old founder of the company, calls the new size a “super-super size,” and vouches that the range is extremely popular with clients from France, New Zealand and Australia.

“We realized there was a woeful lack of selection and so decided to cater for much larger women, which proved very popular,” Diana explains in an interview with The Sun.

Nevertheless, not even she expected this kind of reaction, for the knickers to be this insanely popular.

“But I have to admit I was very surprised when I started getting phone calls asking for even bigger ones. We ship them around the world and, at the moment, New Zealand and Australia are the biggest takers,” Diane explains.

“Our customers have been very enthusiastic and have given us help to tweak the design and make the knickers more accommodating,” she adds of how customers have responded to the new range.

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