Bible Gets Man Through Border Patrol in 30 Seconds

Trying to send the Lord’s message speeds up one border check

This clip from 2011, of a man going through a border patrol checkpoint, is gaining a lot of views since being uploaded on Reddit, on November 15.

Redditor Bodmon dubs it the “fastest way to get through a border patrol checkpoint.” Since it was posted, over 2,000 users upvoted it, 1,600 of which posting comments as well.

What the video teaches us is that having a Bible and trying to help others “find God” will basically make people try to get rid of you.

From what I gather, the missionary in this demonstration wasn't trying to speed up the border check; he was actually on a mission to guide the guard through a life-changing epiphany. The description reveals this was supposed to be a “soul-winning” moment.

It didn't work, and the border agent excuses himself and sends him on his way.

“These people are pretty much as obnoxious and annoying as telemarketers,” user Propa_Tingz writes.

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