Beyond Protocol Brings Strategy to the MMO World

The future of human kind goes online

We live in a MMO era on PCs, but one that is ruled by RPGs, even though players might want to try something different every now and then. Beyond Protocol, developed by Dark Sky Entertainment, is one of those games that wish to offer a brand new experience and explore an under populated genre: the real time strategy in massively multiplayer online worlds.

So, the game is a MMORTS set in some far away times, into humanity's future where the descendants of the Earth try to build civilizations of their own amongst the vast reaches of space. You will assume the command of a band of these colonists and attempt to do just that, but don't expect an easy job!

Beyond Protocol boasts many ambitious features: there are four distinct play types within the game, each with its own facets: Espionage, Trade, Research, and War. Each of these roles is useful, well balanced and non exclusive, so players are encouraged to find their niche. One of the unique features of the game, the Alias system, gives you the opportunity to play as a truly cohesive unit. It allows multiple accounts to manipulate the same Empire simultaneously for purposes as varied as tactical support, to increase productivity, to research assistance, to espionage strengthening, or simply general management.

Even though it is not required, the game offers its players the chance to work as a team, the guild interface allows groups to co-ordinate attacks, events, arrange the fiscal assets and even vote on internal issues. Just like in real life, the only difference being that this game's action is set in outer space.

Beyond Protocol is currently under beta, and lots of features are added with this occasion - the latest update, for example, brought an endless list of changes, fixes and tweaks. So, for those looking for quality, space MMORTS, look no more! Beyond Protocol is here.

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