Beyonce’s Unflattering Super Bowl Photos Go Viral

Publicist tried in vain to “ban” them, the Internet still had its way with them

By on February 8th, 2013 14:48 GMT

Whether you like Beyonce or not, you have to admit that she occasionally makes the funniest faces when she’s performing live. Shortly after her Super Bowl performance, her publicist tried to ban several unflattering pics making the rounds.

In doing so, she actually poured fuel on the fire, because those very photos are now viral.

Not only are they being circulated online freely, but they have also been turned into memes, as BuzzFeed notes.

Fierce Beyonce is now everything from Zombie Beyonce, Hulk Beyonce, Ermahgerd Beyonce, Beyonce the Powerlifter, and I could actually go on like this for days. No, really.

Check out the gallery below to see what the Internet has done to Fierce Beyonce. All publicists should learn a lesson from that: whatever you try to ban will go viral.

Bonus, Beyonce the Powerlifter is here to endlessly amuse you.

Unflattering Beyonce Photos (5 Images)

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