Beyonce Shares New Blue Ivy Pictures on Tumblr

Singer welcomes fans into her life with new series of vacation shots

Until not long ago, Beyonce was very careful not to show too much of her private life to the media, always making sure that she and hubby Jay-Z avoided the paparazzi and flew under the radar. Thanks to her official Tumblr page, her fans have now a bit more access into her world.

The singer has unveiled a new series of private photos on the aforementioned page and, as you might have guessed from the headline, they also feature her and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Blue Ivy has rarely been seen in public, with the two superstars doing their best to keep her out of the tabloids’ reach.

In the few photos released on the same Tumblr page, Blue’s face is often obscured or turned from the camera. Not so in these new shots, two of which you can also see attached to this article.

Though taken some time ago, perhaps on a family vacation, the photos offer valuable information for Bey fans, like how she doesn’t like to put on makeup when she’s having a day off and how, despite all the media insanity surrounding her, she’s pretty much a regular mom and wife, albeit richer.

In some shots, Beyonce is shown walking, cradling, or kissing Blue, while in others she’s having fun making faces at the camera, catching the sun, jumping in the water, or simply hanging out with the family.

Her mother Tina, her sister Solange, and her son are also featured in the new series of portraits. Jay-Z is notably absent, which could mean that he’s the one behind the camera.

Speaking of Jay, while promoting his brand new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” the rapper said that he’d love it if he and Beyonce expanded on their family but, as expected, he did not say out loud that they had more plans for babies anytime soon.


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