Beyonce Responds to Lip Syncing Controversy with Cheeky Photo

Singer teases critics and haters, still refuses to say anything concrete on the topic

Beyonce has been keeping really tight lipped about the lip syncing controversy that erupted after she sang the National Anthem at the Obama Inauguration 2013, but chances are she’s letting a photo do all the talking for her.

Click on the image above to see it in full.

You will see that Bey is wearing a shirt that reads “Can I live?,” which is being interpreted by many as her response to last week’s hubbub about the reason she opted to lip sync to “Star Spangled Banner” instead of singing live – like, say, Kelly Clarkson did.

Basically, voices online are saying, she’s asking her critics and haters whether they think she can sing live, planning to prove to them all that she can with her Halftime Super Bowl performance.

Others believe she’s trying to say she should be left alone every once in a while, to “live” and not have her every move criticized.

What do you think? Could this be Beyonce’s “response” to the controversy, or is she just being cute by wearing a cute shirt and posing it up for the camera?

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