Beyonce Lip Sync Controversy: Everybody Does It

Video shows lip-syncing is not new, can be more scandalous than this

The Internet is now literally up in arms that Beyonce may have or may not have lip-synced her way through the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Presidential Inauguration 2013. As the video below will show, she’s not the first, nor will she be the last.

The clip is a collection of the most resounding lip-syncing scandals, which is meant to show you all that Beyonce’s option to play to a pre-recorded track at the event is not that big a deal as they try to make it online.

Of course, to give Beyonce credit, she was performing in the freezing cold, to an audience bigger than most these singers included below will ever see.

Mariah Carey is the exception, of course.

As I already noted earlier today, Beyonce probably chose to play to a pre-recorded track because of the cold and the fact that she did not have time to rehearse with the Marine Corps Band beforehand.

However, the Milli Vanilli dudes weren’t even real singers, so there’s no comparing them.

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