Beyonce Gushes About Destiny’s Child Reunion at the Super Bowl 2013 – Video

It was an amazing night, she says – and celebrities agree

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle, aka Destiny’s Child, were reunited at the Super Bowl XLVII, during Beyonce’s Halftime performance. Above is a video of the singer right after the show, in which she gushes about the reunion.

Also featured are other celebrities (Alec Baldwin, John Travolta, and others) talking about the show.

“I’m feeling so proud, it was a really beautiful day,” Beyonce told Extra.

“All the hard work, five months of preparation, and it was really great. It really was a magnificent night for me and the girls,” the singer gushed.

She also had a few words to say about the power outage, but refused to go along with the joke that her Halftime performance was so hot it made all the lights go out.

What did you think about Beyonce’s performance?

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