Beyonce Gets Real in First Teaser for HBO Documentary

“How much do I reveal about myself?” star wonders out loud in first video

There’s a very raw and personal Beyonce documentary coming our way on HBO. Produced by the singer herself, the documentary has just received a first teaser trailer, which you can see in full above.

It’s not long (being a teaser and all) but it packs enough goodies for fans, including the promise of countless revelations and of a good, proper look behind the curtain, into the world of one of the biggest, best-selling and most popular female artists of our times.

“I always battle with, ‘How much do I reveal about myself?’” the singer is heard musing in the background.

One particular frame shows Beyonce’s tiny baby bump, photographed in a bathroom mirror. Apparently, she’s planning to reveal quite a lot about herself in this upcoming HBO project, which is yet to receive an official name.

“If I'm scared, be scared, allow it. Release it,” Beyonce says.

The documentary will premiere on HBO on February 16, 2013. Mark your calendars.

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