Beyonce Flashes Illuminati Sign During Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Performance

Internet runs wild with conspiracy theories again after electrifying show

Because there’s nothing better than a good Illuminati conspiracy theory, here’s the latest: sometime during her electrifying Super Bowl 2013 Halftime performance, Beyonce flashed an Illuminati sign.

Now we know why the power went off in the Superdome, delaying the game for a good 34 minutes, give or take.

Above is a photo of Beyonce doing the triangle sign that’s keeping the Internet busy with speculation right now.

Of course, the obvious thing to say about this would be that Beyonce is simply paying a silent tribute to her hubby Jay-Z by flashing the Roc-A-Fella records sign, the one that both celebrities and regular folks seem very fond of.

Granted, that’s not as much fun as saying that she’s Illuminati, so I’d like to hear from you on this one: what sign is Beyonce doing exactly? What do you think?

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