Beyonce Fights Divorce Rumor with Blissful Photo of Blue Ivy and Jay Z

The singer seeks to put the whole separation scandal at easy

What divorce? Separation is the last thing on Beyonce's mind at the moment. Even if the media is feverishly trying to predict the exact date when the Beyonce and Jay z power couple is going to come clean and file for divorce officially, the pair seems to be all loved up.

Beyonce has just posted another idyllic photo on her Instagram account, in which both Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy are present and share a loving embrace. Looking at the photo, you would be fooled into thinking that this isn't the same family that was kicking and screaming in a New York hotel elevator some months ago.

The photo was taken at the beach, and Beyonce lovingly captioned it “My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue,” a play of words on both her husband's and daughter's names. It sounds so lovely that she could turn it into a song any day of the week, and it would probably be a hit single too.

Of course, Beyonce's Instagram account has been getting to the point where it no longer displays the real life of the singer. When Solange, her sister, was kicking Jay Z in the elevator scuffle, her photo feed showed the two of them in a throwback photo, smiling and acting up for the camera with a circus big top in the background.

In real life, she often cries on stage during performances and even changes the lyrics to drop hints about Jay Z's infidelities, but on Instagram she's happy and smiling on vacation in some remote corner of the world.

So it's really hard to decide for yourself just what is real and what is a PR gimmick, aimed at keeping interest up for their ongoing tour “On the Run.”

But no matter what the couple does or says, they can't shake off the rumors that their breakup is imminent. The press has smelled that there is something fishy, and now it won't let go of the trail possibly leading to some skeletons in Jay Z's closet or Beyonce's for that matter, or maybe even both.

The latest reports indicate that the couple is spending time together only for appearances and that, as soon as their tour is over, so will their marriage, which has begun to dissolve some time ago.

Just yesterday it emerged that Beyonce was apartment-hunting without her husband, which would point to the fact that she's looking to move out with her daughter as soon as the divorce is finalized.

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