Beware of Shady “Facebook Profile Viewer” Application

It's unlikely that Facebook will release a legitimate app that lets you see your stalkers

A rogue application called Facebook Profile Viewer is being advertised on the social media network, promising to show users the names of those who have been visiting their profiles. In reality, it’s nothing more than a malicious app that collects information and spreads like a plague from one account to the other.

Graham Cluley of Sophos analyzed the app and determined that once it gains access to a victim’s profile, it starts posting messages on their Walls without requesting permission.

Facebook members who were unfortunate enough to fall for this scam are advised to take immediate action and revoke the app’s publishing rights.

Also, the posts it makes must be removed from the Wall or the Timeline and the Facebook Profile Viewer should be reported as spam.

For the time being there is no way of finding out who is stalking your profile and because of the privacy implications, I doubt that Facebook will rush to make a legitimate app.

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