Bette Midler Rumor: Ryan Murphy Wants Her on “Glee,” She’s Game

It could be a match made in music & TV heaven, if all goes according to plan

Bette Midler could be the latest celebrity to make a cameo on the hit television series “Glee.” Series creator Ryan Murphy has already expressed his interest in a collaboration and, as it turns out, Bette is game for it.

Murphy is believed to be working on a part specifically for Midler but, if he is, he’s yet to contact her, she says in a new statement cited by The Inquisitr.

“I don’t know. He never called me. He mentioned it, but… I’m still waiting for the call. But, it’s fine!” Bette says.

If she were to choose who she’d want to play, Midler would opt for the role of a “villain” in the same vein as Jane Lynch’s.

“I love her. She’s hilarious. Maybe I could play [Sue's] evil sister!” Midler explains.

“Glee” has a history of making such collaborations happen, so perhaps it’s not far-fetched to say that Bette Midler will be on the musical series soon, no doubt about it.

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