Bethesda Says It Will Continue to Develop The Elder Scrolls Franchise

The statements weren't true

Bethesda is slowly becoming one of the most important video game developers and publishers in the industry, making a name for itself by releasing some pretty important games, although a bit on the buggy side.

One of the most important franchises for the developer is The Elder Scrolls, which has seen its award-winning fourth iteration, Oblivion, gain a lot of fans all around the world, even though it wasn't one of the most perfect games on the market.

But Oblivion appeared a long time ago, so at this year's QuakeCon Bethesda's Todd Howard was asked whether or not we could expect a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future. Apparently, the executive revealed that the company currently had no plans to continue the franchise. This caused a lot of concern among average gamers, but one of the leaders of the studio, Pete Hines, went on to clarify the statements made by Howard.

“That was not a direct quote from him,” Hines said. “That was someone's interpretation of what he said. I know, I was there. At his QuakeCon talk he was asked when TESV is coming out and Todd replied, “Don't look for a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future.” He also went on to say how much the franchise means to us and that it definitely will continue. He just wasn't going to provide any timeframe on “when.” This should not be news to anyone that has been paying attention.”

Hines then revealed that the franchise was important to the studio and that a new game would appear when the time was right: “Both Todd and I have said repeatedly that, of course, we're going to do another Elder Scrolls game. The last one was enormously popular. So was the one before that. You get the idea. So do we.”

The Bethesda executive also clarified a few things regarding an Elder Scrolls MMO and how his studio wasn't involved in it, as the team from ZeniMax Online was handling the project and would announce something when the time was right.

Overall, there will certainly be plenty of adventures for players to experience in The Elder Scrolls universe so you can just relax and hope that Bethesda will release a great and non-buggy game.

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