Bethesda Boss Talks About Fallout 3 Ending

He still thinks it was pretty good

Fallout 3 received a lot of attention from the media, even way before the release of the actual game. A lot of people thought and still think that the game cannot compete with the first two in the series, decrying the transition to 3D and to real time action, even if it mitigated by V.A.T.S. The majority of those who played Fallout 3 can agree that while the game is different from the classics, it's a well crafted experience, which can pretty much suck in a player for more than 100 hours in one run through.

And all those who finished the game were pretty much disappointed with the final third, which feels rushed and not fully thought through. Well, MTV Multiplayer talked to Todd Howard, the executive producer on Fallout 3, and gave him the possibility to respond to the criticism players had for the ending of his game.

He quickly shot back by saying that “Based on the feedback I’ve seen, most people are pissed off that it ends, not the ‘ending’ itself. Maybe that’s one and the same, I don’t know. That’s another thing we’re changing in DLC3. We really underestimated how many people would want to keep playing, so that’s probably the last time we’ll do something like that.”

Basically, he deflected the question tackling the issue of not being able to play more of the game after the ending rather than the quality of the ending itself. Yes, we would have liked to be able to return to the Capital Wasteland after dealing with water purity, but mostly, we would have liked to order that radiation immune companion to go into a certain chamber to do something important for humanity. That's the real issue troubling gamers who played Fallout 3 and it would have been very nice to see Todd Howard acknowledging the issue rather than simply gliding past the question.

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