Best Workout Fail Compilation Proves Working Out Is Unhealthy

Fitness experts or amateurs overestimate their strength and resistance

This video, uploaded on Saturday, November 24, includes a lot of clips that show us how bad working out is for one's health.

*User discretion is advised, as this compilation is full of silly, ridiculous yet sometimes inadvertently violent imagery. Improvised weights are the worst, so do not try these routines at home.

Most of the shots are taken at the gym, as bodybuilders overestimate their strength and pile on too many weights.

Working out in the comfort of your own bedroom, dorm room or garage also proves dangerous, especially when you can't really run, and you've set your treadmill to push your boundaries a bit too far.

One star of this compilation tries to clap while doing push-ups. Unfortunately, he eventually lands on his face. “Clap back, hit forward,” the uploader advises him.

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