Best Tweets on Microsoft Windows President’s Departure

Sinfosky has already left Microsoft, so here’s what Twitter users say about it

News that Steven Sinofsky is leaving Microsoft came as a shock this morning and nobody could ever see this coming. Except for Steve Ballmer, that is, as it appears that Sinofsky and the Microsoft CEO did not get along very well.

The whole industry has reacted in some way to this news and while some said that Microsoft may actually lose its future CEO, others welcomed the announcement and pointed out that Windows 8 is such a disappointment mostly because of Sinofsky.

Twitter was obviously the best platform to share your thoughts and because the number of tweets comprising the #sinofsky hashtag was absolutely impressive, we decided to pick ten of the most interesting messages and include them in a single article.

As you read this article, you will see that most users have posted ironic messages, but there are a few who’re actually sad that Sinofsky is leaving the company. Either way, read the following tweets and use the comment box below to share your thoughts on the matter.

My understanding is that Sinofsky refused to sign the apology letter for removing the Start button.

Must Microsoft follow Apple in EVERYTHING now?

Is it a coincidence Sinofsky is spelled "sin-of-sky"?

One bad release in MSFT, you get fired, a decade of bad releases you get to be CEO.

Sinofsky and Forstall to found a new tech startup together.

There will be an island somewhere in the world where Rubinstein, Forstall and now Sinofsky will be.

Yesterday, everything looked sad. This morning, I wake up and read: "Sinofsky leaves Microsoft". Boy, what a great start of a day.

Remember that Steve Jobs also resigned from Apple before returning as CEO.

Did Ballmer finally try out Windows 8?

Steven Sinofsky and Scott Forstall should start a company together.

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