“Best Hacker in the World” Leaks Account Details of 1 Million American Users (Updated)

His actions are in response to the attacks launched by Anonymous in OpIsrael

A hacker that goes by the name of Hannibal, previously known for leaking the Facebook accounts of one million Arabs, claims to have published the details of one million Americans in response to Anonymous’ OpIsrael.

“Lately, Anonymous Group attacked for no reason Israeli websites and stuff. Do you want to play with me, Anonymous Group? Do you have forgotten that Israel stands alongside the world’s best hacker – Hannibal??? Who the hell you think you are?” he said in a statement obtained by CWN.

“I am the best hacker in the world, all Americans who do not know who I am, just Google it,” he added.

The hacker claims that by leaking the 1 million accounts – comprising usernames, email addresses, passwords (in clear text), security questions, security answers – he is actually “punishing” Americans for the deeds of the “Anonymous Group.”

The curious thing is that many of the accounts don’t seem to belong to Americans. Instead, they appear to be registered by users from Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Japan and, in some cases even Israel.

This is the third pro-Israel hacker that launches a counteroffensive against OpIsrael. The other two are Yourikan, who claims to have breached one of Palestine’s largest ISPs, and The Jester (th3j35t5r), who has disrupted several websites operated by the Palestinian Hamas.

Update. Some Anonymous hackers highlight the fact that the information leaked by Hannibal is actually taken from a website where it was published at the beginning of October.

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