Best Chairs Are Like Facebook Spoof Yet

Find out why doorbells, heroin and toilet paper are like Facebook

User Dónal Mulligan uploaded this brilliant, understated spoof of Facebook's famed chair advert. The clip basically adds witty comments to the original Facebook ad, posted to celebrate a billion users.

The clip pokes fun at conceptual ads everywhere, in which words are meaninglessly thrown around in lack of an actual concept or creative thought.

Doorbells, heroin, toilet paper – these are other things that could be “like Facebook,” the makers of the clip proclaim. They are just some of those things that we can pretend to resemble a social networking platform, for no reason whatsoever.

Created by Dónal Mulligan, Cian Markey and Richie Nolan, this parody uses irony instead of shock value, as is the case with Toilets are like Facebook, another trending spoof.

To be fair to the creators of the website we've all come to depend on and be addicted to, this clip is like Facebook – it's simple, it's fun, and it has a great idea behind it.

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