Best Buy, Target, Walmart Will Offer the Kindle Fire on Nov 15

Retails for the same $199 (146 EUR) as that asked by Amazon

Amazon has invested a lot of effort in the development of the Kindle Fire tablet and it seems like the company has also put the same amount of interest in the distribution of the device as it recently announced that the Fire won't only be available through its own stores, but also from Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

The Kindle Fire will become available from these retailers starting with November 15 for the same $199 (about 146 EUR) as that asked by Amazon on its own Website.

"We are excited to work with Amazon to provide consumers the opportunity to touch, test, try and buy the Kindle Fire in all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores nationwide," said Wendy Fritz, senior vice president of Computing at Best Buy.

"The Kindle Fire and other new products in the Kindle family will be some of the hottest gifts this holiday season and we are delighted to offer these devices as part of our ever-expanding tablet and e-reader selection at Best Buy."

Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire on September 28 and the tablet is based on a customized version of Android, that comes with an unique interface to detach itself form all the other tablets out there running this OS.

In this new UI, multitasking apps can be accessed and controlled from a drop-down menu found at the top of the screen, while Web pages are viewed using the Amazon Silk browser which has been optimized for raw speed.

Hardware wise, the Fire has a 7-inch IPS screen with a 1024x600 resolution, Gorilla Glass coating, a dual-core processor, and all of these are fitted inside a chassis that weighs 14.6 ounces (roughly 413 grams).

Connectivity options include only Wi-Fi, but Amazon makes up for this by enabling its customers to access a wide variety of content through the Android Appstore and Kindle books service, all stored for free via the company's Cloud Storage service.

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