Best Buy Confirms Pricing for Nokia Lumia 920: $150/€115 on Contract, $600/€470 Outright

The smartphone is expected to hit shelves on November 9

The best-featured Windows Phone device, Nokia Lumia 920 is about to make its entrance in the US in the following days.

The smartphone is exclusive to AT&T, but Windows Phone enthusiasts will be able to purchase it from leading retailers across the country, including Best Buy.

The smartphone was up for pre-order at Best Buy about two weeks ago, but the retailer pulled the phone from its online store, possibly due to an overwhelming amount of pre-orders.

However, those who really want to be among the first to own the Lumia 920 can still pre-order the smartphone from any Best Buy brick and mortar store location.

Even though AT&T confirmed that Nokia Lumia 920 would be launched on the market this month, no official details on availability and price tag have been unveiled.

Well, it looks like the folks over at WPCentral have been able to confirm the Lumia 920 will go on sale at Best Buy for as low as 150 USD (115 EUR) with a new two-year agreement.

Customers who do not want to commit to a long-term contract will be able to purchase the Nokia Lumia 920 for a suggested retail price of 600 USD (470 EUR), which seems just about right for a flagship smartphone.

These prices have been recently listed at a local Best Buy store in Naples, Florida, and come in line with the latest hearsay. Rumor has it that the Lumia 920 will also come with a free wireless charge pad inside the sales package.

There were lots of rumors claiming the smartphone will be launched in the US on October 25, November 2, November 4 and November 11, but most were inaccurate.

Well, it appears that another rumor on the Lumia 920’s availability has just emerged and claims the phone will hit shelves on November 9. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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