Bengal Tiger Is Beaten to Death by Angry Villagers in Bangladesh

The men used sticks and boat oars to kill this critically endangered animal

Only yesterday, a royal Bengal tiger in Bangladesh was beaten to death by a group of angry villagers, who used sticks and boat oars in order to kill the feline.

Apparently, the tiger was guilty of having wandered into a village in search of food, UNB Connect says.

As was to be expected, the people here did not waste any time in stepping out of their homes, armed with whatever they could get their hands on, in order to defend their families.

After a while, they succeeded in trapping the big cat close to a homestead and ended up beating it to death. The animal's carcass was later on removed from the village by Forest Department employees.

According to other sources, the Bengal tiger was killed because it had bitten a local fisherman by his hand and tried to drag him into a mangrove forest nearby.

Still, conservationists claim that the incident only occurred because these big cats have had most of their natural habitat destroyed by humans, and are now forced to go looking for food in places they would otherwise avoid.

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