BenQ: Large-Size LCD TV Sales Will Rise in 2013

While Innolux is only looking at 4K TVs, BenQ is gazing upon them all

2012 was full of advancements on the TV market, but since one of those advancements only arrived late in the year, it falls to 2013 to complete the demand increase process.

Large-size liquid crystal display television sets are the type of products that will see a rise in sales in 2013.

More or less every type of TV will experience a good demand, from normal ones to 4K panels.

For those who want numbers, BenQ thinks that 50-inch and larger TVs will account for 15% of the total, at least as far as its own shipments are concerned.

Most of them will have 3D support and value-added features. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that most TVs will qualify as Smart TVs sooner rather than later.

As for 4K UHD TVs, BenQ will release some in the third quarter.

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