BenQ's New AMA Z LCD Monitor

No more ghosting and blurring

BenQ announced today its new FP241W Z LCD model featuring the latest exclusive AMA Z (Advanced Motion Accelerator Z) technology. The new monitor comes HDMI-ready and features full 1080p HD support, as well as Benq's proprietary Senseye technology, flexible screen adjustment and picture-in-picture function.

BenQ claims that the LCD is the first one to integrate AMA Z dynamic video technology which can eliminate ghosting and motion blur around the screen edges. This technology uses two steps to counter ghosting problems: firstly, it reduces the grey-to-grey response time using AMA techniques, and secondly, it eliminates the artifacts present on hold-type displays due to deficiencies of the human visual system. The technology inserts a black frame between each motion frame in order to override the human visual smooth pursuit tracking.

The HDMI interface enables a fast 5 GB data transfer and can eliminate the need for a signal converter. BenQ's Senseye technology delivers exquisite clarity at 1920X1200 resolutions (WUXGA). FP241W Z has a flexible screen adjustment that provides users to freely adjust the screen viewing angle for a more comfortable experience, including -45/-45 left/right swivel angle, pivot and height adjustment. The monitor can also be rotated by 180 degrees.

For now, there is no information regarding price and availability.

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