Ben Affleck Tells Anderson Cooper Blake Lively Doesn’t Know Her Movie History

She had no idea Ben and Matt Damon were friends, he reveals

After the critical success of “The Town,” which finally brought Ben Affleck out of the Bennifer shadows and back in the conversation for his directorial merits, he’s back in the spotlight with a new movie called “Argo.”

To promote it, Affleck sat down for an interview with Anderson Cooper for his show and, among other things, also talked about working with “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively on the aforementioned “The Town.”

Affleck praises Lively’s willingness to do research and get properly prepared for a part before she actually starts shooting it but, at the same time, he’s amazed she had no idea of his friendship with Matt Damon.

Check out the video above.

For a bit more context, Affleck and Damon aren’t just friends (and famous ones while at it): they also wrote together the script for “Good Will Hunting” in which Damon starred, and which went on to win an Academy Award.

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