Bem Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Plugs Straight into Power Sockets

The device, which has no cable or power brick, has a USB port too

Smartphones and tablets nowadays have more than decent audio playback capabilities, but their integrated speakers might not be clear or loud enough for some, hence the market for things like the Bem Wireless “outlet speaker.”

By “outlet speaker” Bem doesn't mean an outlet for creativity, or for business, or anything really that metaphorical.

Instead, the outlet speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that plugs directly into a common electrical socket That means no cable, no power adapter, no nothing.

Measuring 3 inches in width, 2 inches in depth and 5.35 inches in height, the black or white audio device has a 25-foot wireless range (7.62 meters).

The speaker also has aux-in and aux-out ports, for daisy chaining multiple audio devices or using wired input.

As for the integrated USB connector, it is there for device recharging. Sales will begin in March through Amazon and Target, for $100 / 74.22-100 Euro.

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