Belkin Releases HD Bluetooth Music Receiver

A device that lets music be streamed from phones and tablets to home stereo systems

A lot of gadgets, smartphones and tablets in particular, have the technology needed for high-quality audio playback, but problems can arise during content delivery.

Quite simply, tablets just don't have speakers loud and clear enough to produce surround sound.

To remedy that, Belkin has released the HD Bluetooth Music Receiver, which can connect to phones and slates.

It even has near field communications support (NFC) and can support multiple devices at the same time (eight maximum).

All it takes to use it is to download and install the Belkin BT app on whatever gadget users want to play music from.

Naturally, the home audio system will need to be connected to the receiver for everything to work.

Belkin is selling the HD Bluetooth Music Receiver for $59.99 / 45.50-59.99 Euro.

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