Belgian Police Website Hacked by SlixMe

This is the second police site breached by SlixMe

A hacker called SlixMe has managed to breach a website belonging to the Belgian federal police (

The hacker has added a defacement page – containing some server information and a short message – to the site’s “log” folder.

“Your log folder does a good job lolz. Special shoutout goes to one guy from Belgium,” the hacker wrote on the defacement page.

The website appears to have been breached some 14 hours ago, but the webpage set up by the attacker was still present at the time of writing. The rest of the police website appears to be intact.

I've reached out to the site's webmaster to see if he's aware of the breach and if he can comment on the incident.

This is the second police site hacked by SlixMe. Back in November 2012, he defaced the official website of the Lithuanian Police.

Update. The initial post said that a hacker known as MaX0xf was also involved, but he claims to have nothing to do with the breach.

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