Belgian Intelligence Agency Members Expose Themselves via Facebook Profiles

Officials are concerned about the online habits of State Security Service employees

Officials from the Belgian State Security Service, an intelligence agency under the authority of the country’s Ministry of Justice, have become aware of the fact that many staffers tend to expose too much personal information on social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

According to Belgian publication De Standaard, a simple search for “State Security” or “Sûreté de l'état” on social networks brings up the profiles of several individuals that claim to work for the agency.

While it’s difficult to confirm if these people do work for the State Security Service, it’s clear that this is an issue, considering that even top officials have become concerned.

One of them has highlighted the fact that Russia and China have thousands of staffers who are specially trained to search for such profiles and exploit the information they contain.

By sharing some of their personal details online, these employees pose a serious security risk to themselves and the organization they work for.

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