Beijing's Ongoing Smog Crisis Leads to over 100 Factories Being Shut Down

The city's officials are desperately trying to clear the air

As previously reported, China's air pollution has now reached record levels, and people living in the country's most affected areas are nothing if not unwilling to leave their homes and venture out on the streets.

This is because smog is known to seriously impact on both one's lungs, and on one's general wellbeing.

Hoping to cut down on the amounts of smog presently lurking over Beijing, the city's officials saw fit to shut down as many as 103 factories. Furthermore, Business Green reports that roughly 30% of all government-owned vehicles were also ordered off the road.

Despite these efforts to improve on air quality in this part of China, Beijing still finds itself clouded in smog, and ever more people are beginning to grow restless.

If you want to see just how bad the situation in China is, check out this picture here. Granted, it was taken several days ago, but it looks like things haven't changed much since then.

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