Behold the iTunes 11 Icon

Application gets updated from the ground up with new features and graphics

By on November 30th, 2012 10:26 GMT

Apple literally revamped iTunes 11 from head to toe, enhancing every existing feature while adding new ones. Playback is a breeze, and the store interface is quite a looker. But that’s not all that’s changed aesthetically.

Few people noticed this, but when iTunes 11 installs over iTunes 10, it also updates the app’s icon in the OS X dock.

As soon as you launch iTunes 11 for the first time, the change goes into effect, replacing the vibrant iTunes 10 icon with a less eye-popping blue badge bearing the “iconic” musical note right smack in the middle.

The new icon looks more like a physical object, a button, if you will. When iTunes 10 came out, Apple was under heavy scrutiny from its fanbase over changing the app’s longstanding CD-style icon to a digital, cold blue piece of artwork. Hopefully the new one will set everyone at ease.

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