Behind the Scenes of Britney Spears’ Fantasy Twist Ad

Singer gets playful, chameleonic in new fragrance ad

Britney Spears has long transitioned from pop star to a very successful businesswoman. Her multi-million empire also includes several fragrances, of which the latest is Fantasy Twist.

Shortly after the release of the first official pic for the fragrance, which actually stands out by combining two different fragrances in just one bottle (her bestselling Midnight Fantasy and Fantasy), comes this behind the scenes look at the ad.

The idea of the ad is to have a new Britney for each person that looks at her, hence the idea to have her walk down a corridor, with various people looking at her through the peep hole.

Each of them sees a different side of the Princess of Pop but, ironically, no one is wrong because Britney can really be all those things and embody all these different personalities.

Check it out.

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