Behind the Scenes on Courtney Stodden’s Reality Music Video

Controversial “Teen Bride” is getting ready for her first music outing

If you thought Courtney Stodden was just a flash in the pan, think again. The young reality star / tabloid personality who rose to fame for marrying a guy older than her dad when she was still underage, is getting ready for her first music outing.

Courtney’s first single is called “Reality” and, unlike anything she put out before, it’s actually decent – in the sense that you must have surely heard much worse than this.

Check it out above if you don’t believe me.

While this might be deemed palatable, I’m not sure the same can be said about the video, of which you can get a first taste in the video embedded below.

Not surprisingly at all, Courtney is baring it almost all in the clip, which, she makes sure we all know, was overseen and approved by her hubby Doug Hutchinson.

Dare of the day: try counting how many times she says “you know.”

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