Beer-Flavored Granola Bars Are Made from Spent Brewing Grains

Company ReGrained says the bars are surprisingly tasty, very healthy

Each year, roughly 6 billion pounds (2.72 billion kilograms) of grain are used by companies in the United States to manufacture that delightful beverage without which college parties would never be the same. This beverage is commonly known as beer.

The problem is that, more often than not, beer manufacturers treat the spent brewing grains that are left with after “cooking” one batch of beer as garbage, and simply throw them away.

As many greenheads would tell them, this qualifies as waste.

San Francisco-based company ReGrained has figured out a way to put these spent brewing grains to better use. Long story short, it is using them to male beer-flavored granola bars.

According to Grist, the bars are surprisingly tasty and, seeing how they contain lots of fiber and protein, quite healthy. What's more, they are nonalcoholic. I'll leave it to you to decide whether this is a good thing or a very bad one.

The same source tells us that, presently, the company markets two types of granola bars made from waste from the beer industry: Chocolate Coffee Stout and Honey Almond IPA. A 12-pieces pack sells for $22 (€16), which seems to me like a very reasonable price.

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