Bed Made out of Boeing 747 Jet Engine Will Offer You a Cloud Nine Experience

MotoArt created a luxurious bed fashioned out of the engine of a Boeing 747

An unusual bed created by specialist furniture company MotoArt could propel you directly to cloud nine, as it is made out of the engine of a Boeing 747.

The California-based company is known for using real aircraft parts for their unique pieces of furniture, and this time it made the glorious Jumbo 747 Sleeper using a robust split GE engine, which was modified to serve as embodiment for the bed design.

The bed is a king-size mattress set between the split sides of the nacelle – the circular piece that usually houses the engine.

“The split GE engine nacelle is designed to create the hottest and most luxurious cloud 9 experience on the planet.  Padded leather head and footboards, programmable lighting and a custom frame are built to withstand the hardest landings,” says the description of the boisterous bed on the company's website.

MotoArt offers a large variety of similar products, including desks made out of wing flaps, benches made of out fuselage, and tables made out of engine nacelles – just like this bed. The aircraft parts are taken from planes used in the Korean War.

The magnificent Jumbo 747 Sleeper can be yours if you have $20,000 (€14,544) to spare.

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