Bed Bath & Beyond Resignation Note Goes Viral on Reddit

A disgruntled employee announced he would quit on a product tag

An employee at Bed Bath & Beyond chose an original way of resigning, by writing what he thinks about his boss on a product tag.

He wrote the tag for the Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven on his computer, and placed it in the store.

The tag, which you can read in full here, includes his honest opinion of the product and on his boss.

“This is for fat [expletive]” is written as the product description. I can only tell you the missing word rhymes with “ducks.”

“My boss is a [expletive]” (rhymes with “trick”), the unidentified worker added.

A snapshot of the tag was captured by Redditor mastranios, and uploaded with the description "Saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond." It proved so popular, that it was upvoted 26,000 times.

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