Become An Ubuntu 'Jedi Master'

... by using the latest Desktop Course!

If you wanted to use Ubuntu, but you had no knowledge about its usage, now it's your chance. With the help of the new Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course, you will be working with Canonical's distribution in no time!

The course has a modular form, and it should take two days to complete all the ten lessons. The course comes in two different versions, a student guide and an instructor guide, both downloadable as PDF files.

If you go over this course throughly, you will be able to understand the concepts of open source software and how they are connected with Ubuntu, see the benefits and differences in using this distribution as an operating system, change the look and feel of it and much more. You will l even learn the history of Ubuntu in particular, and Linux, in general.

Here's how the course is structured:

■ Introducing Ubuntu

■ Exploring the Ubuntu Desktop

■ Using the Internet

■ Browsing the Web

■ Using OpenOffice Applications

■ Ubuntu and Games

■ Customising the Desktop and Applications

■ Making The Most of Images and Photos

■ Playing Music and Videos

■ Ubuntu Help and Support

■ Partitioning and Booting

All of the above chapters are made up of subsections that will clear up every basic aspect of Ubuntu. The course spans over 398 pages, so you'll have a lot of reading and learning!

Billy Cina, Canonical Training Programmes Manager, in the official announcement wrote: "Thanks to all the community members who slogged over writing, reviewing, editing, proof reading and fixing the layout. This is just the beginning of the project which we hope will live and evolve with each new Ubuntu release. Yours to develop, enhance and branch off to your heart's content!"

The course is released under the Creative Commons license, so anyone can modify the course and create additional content. Download the Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course right now from Softpedia.

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