Beats Launches Solo2 Headphones After Apple Acquisition

Less bass, improved acoustics and design, more durable materials

Despite being engulfed by Apple, Beats Electronics will continue to operate under its own name for the time being, carrying its legacy headphones and speakers. Case in point, the company has just announced a new pair of headphones dubbed Beats Solo2.

Currently only available for pre-order, the Solo2 is a redesigned version of the original Beats Solo with updated sound and design, while retaining the $199.95 / €146.89 price tag.

“The Solo2 has arrived,” reads the announcement. “Beats’ most popular headphone has been redesigned from the inside out. With updated and improved acoustics, the Solo2 lets you feel your music with a wider range of sound and enhanced clarity. Streamlined, lightweight, and durable, this compact headphone is more comfortable than ever. Take your music with you wherever you go, with the Solo2.”

According to Beats Electronics, the new headphones offer a more dynamic, wider range of sound, making things like snares and hi-hats sound clearer. The bass has been toned down just a bit, according to early reviews of the hardware, but it’s still very much present in all the heavy tunes.

“Whether you’re into hip-hop, heavy metal, jazz or electronic, you will feel the higher fidelity sound in your Solo2,” Beats promises.

The company puts a little more emphasis on design this time around, something Apple undoubtedly appreciates about the new pair of headphones. Many people hope that the two companies’ designers will ultimately create a version specifically created for iPhones, iPods and iPads.

“Engineered for comfort. Starting at the center of the flexible headband, the frame of the headphone has been curved like never before, giving the Solo2 a custom-fit feeling,” Beats continues. “The earcups have been ergonomically angled out to complete this natural fit, with pivots for optimal comfort and sound delivery. Finally, with their premium material, the earcups help dissipate heat and minimize sound leakage.”

There are no visible screws and very few seams on the Solo2 headphones, a design direction heralded by Apple’s own Jonathan Ive. In fact, Beats’ description of the design sounds a lot like what we’d hear from Ive’s mouth:

“Disciplined decisions in engineering and material selection have created a more durable headphone that is equipped for extended use. Easily foldable, this premium headphone is ready for your life on the go,” it reads.

Visit Beats Electronics for a closer look at the hardware and maybe even to order your own. A shipping date is currently unavailable.

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