Bearded Woman Grows Out Facial Hair for Movember

Siobhain Fletcher has been battling hirsutism since the age of 17

Siobhain Fletcher, from Leek, Staffordshire, in the UK, is growing a moustache to support the Movember cause.

36-year-old Fletcher suffers from hirsutism, a condition which makes her grow excessive facial hair. In the month of Movember, she decided to aid prostate cancer charities by, basically, not shaving it all off.

I found her decision bold and endearing, as she has faced scrutiny over the “bearded lady” syndrome her entire life. Since she was 17, she has been forced to shave her hair once every couple of days, to avoid ridicule, according to an interview by the Daily Mail.

She had to battle isolation and depression, refusing to leave the house for about five years. Even so, as she heard about the Movember initiative from a friend, she decided to embrace her condition and support it.

“This isn't a sideshow. It's to raise awareness of men's cancers. To stop families losing a family member. And to help people with self-esteem issues to say, 'it doesn't matter’,” she says.

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