Bear Wanders into Estes Park Bar in Colorado

The animal strolled into Lonigan’s Bar, then walked back out

Although this may sound like a joke, a bear has walked into a bar in Estes Park, Colorado. Owners at Lonigan’s Bar described the black bear casually strolling into the pub, then walking back out.

CBS Denver related how the animal walked the full length of the bar, made it to the back doors and then turned around and walked out.

One resident noticed it heading for the 110 West Elkhorn Avenue in Estes Park location and followed it inside.

He tried warning patrons but they didn't seem to mind. Both they and the bear went on about their business until the animal simply exited.

“I tried to holler, ‘Bear!’ so people could hear me. They were oblivious. He kept wandering up to the middle bar where all the patrons were,” Daniel Lyell recalls.

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