Beagle Returns Home After Spending 41 Days Outdoors, Enduring the Cold Weather

The dog was separated by his family by hurricane Sandy

When hurricane Sandy struck the US, many pets ended up being separated from their family. This was precisely what happened to Clyde, a beagle who ran away from home about 41 days ago following his being scared by the thunders and the powerful winds.

However, Clyde now finds himself back in the arms of his family, whose members were quite convinced that they had lost their pet forever.

Sources report that this 9-year-old beagle was found by trapper in a forest near his former home, and that, despite his spending the past few weeks outdoors, he seems to be in a rather good shape.

“After three or four days, I didn't think we would find him,” Yevoli told “I thought maybe someone took him in for themselves or worse -- that he got hit by a car. But I never gave up. I just kept going and going,” owner Christina Yevoli told members of the press.

“I was hysterical crying, shaking. I didn't think I would find him,” she went on to add.

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