Beach in Australia Turns Blood Red

The underlying cause is an algae bloom, specialists explain

The news just broke that some of Australia's most appreciated beaches, i.e. Bondi Beach and Clovelly Beach, together with Gordon's Bay, pretty much turned blood red, thus forcing authorities to shut them down.

Experts explain that this peculiar phenomenon is in fact the result of an algae bloom, and that tourists would do best to stay clear of the water, seeing how algae is rich in ammonia and can therefore cause tissue inflammation.

However, some dare-devils decided to go for a swim, and can now take pride in their endeavor, Daily Mail says.

For the time being, environmental scientists are testing the water to see how this algae bloom will impact on the marine ecosystems off Australia's coast.

Most of the researchers who are looking into this issue agree that quite a lot of dead fish are likely to be washed ashore throughout the following days.

UPDATE: Turns out the same waters are neon blue during night time.

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