Be Sure Not to Miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday

One may have passed, but some shops are still offering bargains

This week has been one of tussle and hassle, as Black Friday came and went, yet some companies and stores are still offering discounts.

Walmart and other department stores saw their usual brawls, but the Internet fortunately doesn't allow for more than slight disappointment over missing a short-term offer.

Dell, Sony and other companies had, and maybe still have, some bargains, and Best Buy essentially kept its catalog open this whole week.

More importantly, however, is that Cyber Monday is yet to arrive. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately after the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is the best day for shopping online, and we definitely see some web stores and IT corporations extending their offers beyond a single day.

Intent already has, and more will follow surely, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers trained on your mouse buttons.

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