Batman’s Redesigned Batsuit Looks Absolutely Mind-Blowing – Concept Photo

Andy Brüning creates new suit for Bruce Wayne, more practical but scarier too

Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” franchise ended with 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” but billionaire Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, aka the Caped Crusader, is bound to return to the big screen in the hotly anticipated “Man of Steel” sequel from director Zack Snyder.

In other words, it’s time to speculate on the Batsuit!

Nolan did wonders for it with his three movies, creating a darker and more imposing version of the superhero that’s been around for decades, partly by reinventing the suit and everything else that Wayne used in order to fight crime in Gotham.

The Batsuit we’re seeing today, which is just a concept from a fan, Andy Brüning, takes that suit and improves on it to make it more compact and, as such, more practical but also scarier. It also does away with the cape which, frankly, I’ve never quite understood (except for that version of it that doubles as a flying apparatus).

The new Batman suit is pictured above, while a 3D rendition of it is embedded below. It definitely looks more impressive and, if you ask me, infinitely cooler but, at the same time, it also looks less like Batman. So, while this is a mind-blowing concept for a superhero suit, I doubt the people of Gotham would trust a Batman wearing it.

It’s the mask that does it, I think; for me, it puts the image of the Predator in my mind, and that’s one association Bruce Wayne would not want.

What do you think, would this suit work on Batman? Let me know in the comments section below.

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