Batman: Arkham Origins on PC Gets New Patch to Fix Vents and Free Fall Loops

Quite a few problems have just been solved by the new update

Batman: Arkham Origins has just received a brand new update on the PC platform that finally solves the glitched vent in the Burnley Tower and various other issues, such as free fall loops.

Batman: Arkham Origins came out last week, and on the PC, while it looked really good, it was affected by a few issues, such as players caught in free fall loops, or vents that couldn't be accessed by Batman.

After the first patch that focused on multiplayer, a new update has just gone live on the Steam service, which apparently fixes most of these severe issues, as well as others relating to progress in the multiplayer.

Check out the full changelog below, via the Steam forums.

- Fix for the issue that was causing credits, consumables, and profile progress to not be saved in Multiplayer.

- Fix for the Burnley Tower vent that Batman wasn't able to climb up.

- Fix for Free Flow Focus mode not unlocking upon unlocking Shadow Vigilante rank 3.

- Fixed player falling through elevators/world in most cases. For players that were stuck in free fall loop; if you are not back into the game or if it looks weird around you when you load the game, here are the steps.

- Go in pause menu and select Restart from Checkpoint.

- If Restart from checkpoint didn’t work, trying beating up all enemies around you.

- If there aren’t any enemies around you, try going through a door.

- Those steps should get you back into the game.

The new patch is already live and will be automatically downloaded the next time you start Steam and are connected to the Internet.

No word yet about any patches for the game's PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii U editions, but you can expect to hear something soon enough.

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